Gandrille Sophie

DR2, Inserm, Pharmacist, PhD

Research theme : Theme 2 – Part 2

Phone: 01 53 73 94 26


The research program of Sophie Gandrille (DR2 Inserm, Pharmacien, PhD) is to design and prepare a “universal” antidote able to antagonize any molecule belonging to the family of direct anti-FXa anticoagulants, a family of new anticoagulants.

The direct oral anticoagulants (DOAC) are new anticoagulant molecules with promising properties, which the use is increasing year after year. They target a specific factor of coagulation, either thrombin (in the case of dabigatran) or Factor Xa (in the case of rivaroxaban, apixaban, betrixaban and edoxaban, grouped under the name of anti-FXa or DOAC). They are as effective as the conventional anticoagulants (heparins and derivatives, VKA), without having some of their disadvantages.

However, unlike conventional anticoagulants and dabigatran, there is currently no commercialy available drug (except in the USA) able to efficiently antagonize DOACs, while they are increasingly used and expose patients to a hemorrhagic risk, like heparines and AVK do.

This lack of available antidote can be a critical issue with dramatic consequences for a patient treated with one of these molecules in case of an accident or of an emergency procedure requiring an initially unplanned invasive action.

In addition, none of the hemostasis tests used in medical biology analysis laboratories is able to reliably detect or measure anti-FXa DOACs.

The aim of our research program is to address the two critical points of the new anticoagulants:

  • by designing reliable, fast and simple tests to detect the presence and to measure DOACs
  • by designing a “universal” antidote, thus able to antagonize any anti-FXa DOACs, and having imperatively two other properties: it should not induce a hemorrhagic risk in the patient receiving it, and should not disrupt the tests used to assess the patient’s hemostatic status.

The proof of concept that such an antidote is feasible has been obtained at our research Unit U1140. The product has been patented, but this product is too complex to obtain to be used as an in vivo antidote.

Sophie Gandrille (DR2 Inserm, Pharmacien, PhD) is more particularly involved in designing a simpler antidote, but nonetheless meeting the three conditions defined above. Bernard Le Bonniec (DR2 Inserm, PhD), Johan Abdoul (Pharmacien, Doctorant) and Georges El Jourdi (Pharmacien, Post-doctoral fellow) are also involved in this program.

This program uses techniques such as in silico modelisation, site-directed mutagenesis, protein expression and production by eukaryotic cells, protein purification methods, biochemical methods protein function analyses, in vivo studies.

Major publications 2020 / 2010

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