Guérin Coralie

Assistant Professor Hematology, Immunology and Biotherapy

Research theme : Theme 1

Phone: 01 56 24 55 00


MCU, hématology, Immunology et Biothérapy, Paris Descartes University – Assistant Professor Hematology, Immunology and Biotherapy.

Fields: Onco-immunology, haemostasis, angiogenesis and vascular differentiation

Research activity

Key words: hematology, vascular biology, immunology, immunotherapy, oncology, biotherapy, stem cells, microenvironment, innovation

Diagnostic and therapeutic innovation through the study of stem or progenitor cells as circulating biomarkers and the associated cellular microenvironment in biotherapy context in vascular biology and onco-immunology.

In the critical limb ischemia (CLI), one of the research focuses on the development of a cell therapy product capable of inducing the formation of neo-vessels. Faced with the difficulty of obtaining and amplifying endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs) in healthy adults and, even more so, in patients, one hypothesis suggests the use of other cell types with vasculogenic properties. In patients with cardiovascular disease, and AOMI in particular, bone marrow mononuclear cells and CPEs show diminished angiogenic properties. We have demonstrated the ability of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) isolated from patients with AOMI to induce reperfusion by recruitment of endothelial cells in situ by acting paracrine (Smadja DM, Audigier C, Guerin CL , Bone Marrow Transplant, 2011).

The second hypothesis for obtaining an autologous angiogenic cell therapy product is to sort more immature cells than the CPE in order to differentiate them secondarily towards the endothelial line in the image of the pathological model of the CD133 + hemangioma stem cell (Smadja DM, Guerin CL Stem Cells, 2013) which suggests the Very Small Embryonic Like Stem Cells (VSEL), a CD133 + multipotent stem cell, as a candidate for post-natal cells with vascular potential. We have derived, in culture under angiogenic conditions, VSELs which acquire a mesenchymal phenotype but have a secretory profile close to that of CPE. VSELs promote post-ischemic revascularization and acquire an endothelial phenotype in vitro and in vivo suggesting that they may be at the ontogeny of the endothelial lineage (Guerin CL et al., Thromb Haemost, 2015) but are also able to act in synergy with EPCs by acting as vascular support cells in the context of therapeutic revascularization (Guerin CL et al., Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 2017a). VSELs are a biomarker of mobilized endothelial dysfunction from bone marrow to peripheral blood in patients with CLI.

Circulating cellular biomarkers are not only non-invasive markers of the endothelium but can also provide relevant information for the prognosis, diagnosis and therapeutic follow-up of patients with pathologies associated with endothelial dysfunction. A change in the number of CPE, VSEL and circulating endothelial cells (CEC) in the circulation has been reported in various pathological situations respectively associated with regeneration and endothelial damage such as increased CEC level in patients with hypertension. pulmonary arterial (PAH) (Smadja DM, …, Guerin C. et al Eur Respir J. 2010) (Guerin CL et al., Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 2017b).

In the context of biotherapy in vascular biology, such as onco-immunology, the mobilization and differentiation of stem cells as well as the microenvironment of the lesion or tumor site play a major role in maintaining the architecture and in the functional organization.

Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) is a hematological malignancy that originates in the bone marrow of a patient whose bone marrow cells acquire a mutation leading to an excessive accumulation of B cells in the bone marrow, blood, lymph nodes and spleen. These cells infiltrate the tissues and come into direct contact with the stromal and immune cells that make up the tumor microenvironment. Thus, the extensive and detailed mapping of the cells that populate the LLC microenvironment in a mouse model shows that the development of CLL creates a highly immunosuppressive environment in C57BL / 6 mice after adoptive transfer of Eμ-TCL1 splenocytes. (Wierz M, …, Guerin C et al., Blood 2018) Therapeutic treatment by combined blockade of PD1 and LAG3 immune control receptors effectively limits CLL progression by correcting immune cell imbalance and promoting effective anti-tumor immunity. In conclusion, the current knowledge of the immune cell populations present in the CLL microenvironment demonstrates that dual targeting of the PD1 and LAG3 immune control points controls the development of the disease in mice and could therefore constitute an effective immunotherapy treatment.

In-depth knowledge of the cells surrounding the tumor cell as well as structural and functional interactions with these partners is therefore essential to elucidate the mechanisms of escape to the immune response, a critical step for the development of immunotherapies aimed at restoring / stimulating anti-tumoral immunity effectively.

Natural killer cells (NK) are lymphocytes of the innate immune system with a cytotoxic activity which, unlike cytotoxic T8 lymphocytes, contribute to the elimination of cancer cells (Mgrditchian T, …, Guerin C et al PNAS 2017) by the very rapid establishment of an immunological synapse with the target cell that does not require pre-activation by prior exposure to the antigen. The direct and convincing demonstration of the key role of the actin cytoskeleton of breast cancer cells in the resistance to NK-induced cell death shows that certain breast cancer cells respond to attacks rapidly by significantly accumulating the tumor. actin at the immunological synapse (Al Asbi, Guerin C et al., Cancer Res 2018). Breast cancer cell lines contain two subpopulations that differ in their ability to respond to NK cell attack via an actin response, and the relative abundance of these determines the overall susceptibility of the cell line to induce lysis by NK cells. Thus, the epithelio-mesenchymal transition induces the actin response and promotes resistance to cancer cell destruction by cell mediation. Conversely, the prevention of actin response by genetic modification or pharmacological approach restores the sensitivity of cancer cells.

From a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view, my work thus opens new perspectives in the detection of circulating cellular biomarkers and in the study of their differentiation, offering a better understanding of the interactions between the immune system and tumor cells and allows to consider new possibilities of therapeutic interventions in patients regarding immunotherapy treatment.

Major publications 2020 / 2007

(H) : Haemostasis, angiogenesis and vascular differentiation in red n=31
(OI) : Onco-immunology in green – n=6
(R) : Review in blue n=1


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